The ultraviolet water filtration system provides complete point of entry (POE) filtration proven to reduce turbidity, particulates and cysts for safer, cleaner water at every tap.

The ultraviolet water sterilizer system employs hollow fiber ultra filtration membrane technology to filter impurities as small as 0.025 micron.

Ultra Water Filtration Series SU
Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer Series CW Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer Series FC
Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer Series SU
Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer Series CT Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer Series CW  
To maximize membrane capacity and service life, a metered flushing cycle controlled using an advanced controller and high performance turbine meter. The self cleaning forward and back flush cycles are initiated when the programmed capacity of the membrane is reached. During the backwash flow is reversed and particles are ejected from the pores of the membrane and flushes to drain. In the forward flush cycle, service water passes through the capillaries at a high speed, scouring particles from the membrane surface and rinsing them from the system. Since power is only required to flush the system, outages and interruption will not jeopardize the integrity of membrane or its ability to provide safer, cleaner water.

The advanced electronic controller provides a programmable day override which allows the unit to flush every day with fresh water when the system is not used. Critical system diagnosis, including totalized flow, instantaneous flow rate and previous days water usage, are available to optimize flushing cycle and monitor performance.

The high performance industrial fiberglass housing is pressure rated to 300psi. Inside the housing the membrane is sealed with double radial o-rings, minimizing the potential for leak paths. Quick connect end caps allow the membrane to easily be removed for cleaning or replacement. The system can be applied to solve known water problems including high turbity, suspended solid, and certain microbiological contaminenants. It also serve as flushable prefilter to extend the life of media filters downstream.

Water Purification system: Ultraviolet water Sterilizer Series CW:

- Designed for cyst reduction, turbity and fine sediment filtration applications
- 98% Reduction of 0.025 micron particles
- 99.99% reduction of 0.065 micron particles
- Forward flush and back - flush cleaning cycles provide extended filter life in a wide range of applications
- Proprietary hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane
- Professional grade housing, controller and flush valves
- Metered self-cleaning cycle flushes only when needed
- Day override feature flushes module daily with fresh water when system is not in use
- Peak flow rates up to 10gpm

- Removes turbity, cysts & other particles down to 0.025 micron size.
- Multi bore membrane structure combines seven single capillaries into one resistant structure to maximize membrane integrity virtually eliminating the potensial for fibre breakage
- Requires only normal line pressure to operate
- Protect during power outage or interminent power
- Retains natural minerals content of water
- High surface areas & tolerance to plugging
- Low pressure drop / High flow areas


Performance of Hollow Fiber Specifications:

Maximum feed pressure (Mpa) 0.6
Admission Transmembrane Pressure (Mpa) 0.3
Normal operation pressure (Mpa) 0.1-0.2
Backwash Pressure (mpa) 0.1
Ph value of feed water 2-10
Max thickness of continuous remaining chlorine of feed water (mg/L) 50
Operation Mode dead end or cross-flow
Max operating temperature < 45°C
Membrane characteristics Hydrophilic Double skin
Hollow-fiber membrane material Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) Modified
MWCO (Dalton) 50,000
Membrane area (m2)5
Inside fiber diameter (mm) 1.0
Outside fiber diameter (mm) 1.6
Number of hollow-fiber 1500
The geometry size of membrane module 106x1125
In & out water caliber of membrane module G3/4"
Max air pressure for integrity test (Mpa) 0.2
Flux (0.1Mpa, 25°C) 2,200 liters/hour
Material of cartridge ABS
Weight of cartridge with hollow fiber < 15kg
Time to change cartridge - 3years
Material of cylinder housing - Stainless Steel 304
Thickness of housing 1.5mm
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