About us

Situated in the heart of Johannesburg, Yarn Home is southern Africa’s premier distributor of quality water treatment products for both domestic and commercial use. We provide a convenient online store, supported by a large inventory of some of the best global brands in the water treatment industry. Our vast product range includes water filter cartridges, reverse osmosis systems, UV systems, membranes and housing, filter media, countertop units and more. We also supply a range of package plants such as softeners, iron removal filters, sand filters and whole house systems to treat your water for any intended use.

Yarn Home offers more than product excellence, we have an on-site laboratory for water analysis, access to a team of engineers and technical experts and some of the best technicians in the water treatment industry. Our team of technicians has over 40 years of combined knowledge and experience to assist with personalised water treatment needs.


Technical back-up and support

Yarn Home’s team of world-class technicians, technical experts and engineers means that we can provide back-up support and assistance for any of your water needs.


Yarn Home stocks and aligns itself with some of the most recognised and respected brands in the Water industry including: