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Water Softeners and Ion Exchange plants

Yarn Home offers a range of Ion exchange systems that can be custom built to your requirements.

We stock and can deliver any quantity of high quality resins in Africa. Ion exchange systems are used to remove salts from the water. It consists of a resin containing acidic and basic molecules. These exchange with the anions and cations that form the salt, effectively removing them from the water.

Ion exchange processes are widely used for:

Water softening for industrial & household potable and process water
Demineralisation/deionization of boiler feed water
Pharmaceutical processes
Food & Beverage
Metals recovery
Arsenic removal by use of specialised ion exchange resins.

Yarn Home provides a comprehensive range of ion exchange solutions and services including Fleck and Runxin valves, spare parts, a selection of high grade resins, and packaged ion exchange units.

Our range of Resins:

Mixed bed Resin
Softening resin
Anion Resin
Cation Resin
Water Softeners from 12Ltrs to 2000Ltrs / Simplex or Duplex / Manual, timer or digital control
De-min units

If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to get in contact with one our water professionals and we will be happy to assist and send you a quote on your project or the specific resin you require.