24 Liter RO Tank


24 Liter tank for reverse osmosis systmes

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Product Description

24 Liter tank For Reverse Osmosis Systems

An ideal replacement water tank for your reverse osmosis water filter system.

Can be connected in-line with other tanks for added capacity onto your RO System.

If your existing RO system has begun to lose its capacity and your tank still feels heavy and full of water when your flow rate has slowed to a trickle, then it is likely you need a new water storage tank for your RO System.


Capacity 24 L
380 L cleaning capacity per day
Reverse Osmosis Water Storage Tank
Dimensions: 28cm diameter x 38cm height
Fitting Size 1/4″
Weight 3.5 Kg

Any RO system
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Additional information

Weight 3,3 kg
Dimensions 28 x 28 x 38 cm