Pleated sediment cartridge 10″(1,5,10 or 20um)


Pleated sediment water filter cartridge 10″(1,5,10 or 20um)

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Product Description

Pleated Sediment Water Filter Cartridge 10″

The 10″ pleated sediment water filter cartridges are made from spun-bond, polyester fabric. It is constructed of durable, spun bond non-woven, re-useable polyester fabric which allows for several uses. The media has been pleated to maximize its dirt holding capacity and extend the time period between changes. The media chemical and bacteria resistance makes these cartridges suitable for most light industrial and well water applications.

It has been pleated to maximize the surface area for filtering the water. The 10″ pleated filter will fit into all standard 10″ housing.


Pleated filters can filter large amounts of water at a high flow-rate without causing a drop in the water pressure.
Retention ratings 1, 5 , 10 or 20?m. Please let us know in the comments section what retention rating you require or else drop us an e mail. If we do not hear from you Yarn Home will contact you to confirm your requirement. Other filtration ratings upon request


High grade pleated spun-bond, polyester fabric.
Low pressure drop
Pleated design and more filter area for increased contaminant removed
Long filter runs, longer life used
The polyester media may be cleaned and cartridge maybe re-used
Thermally-bonded construction with media, end caps and inner code heat sealed together.
1, 5 , 10 or 20um
Maximum operating pressure: 80 psi
Maximum operating temperature: 40°C – 80°C
Dimensions: 7cm x 7cm x 25cm
Weight: 0.1Kg

All standard 10″ housing
Pre-filter of drinking water system
Swimming pool water system
Pre-filter of RO system and general commercial water system
Electroplating, etching and image development processes in PCB industry
Filtration of electroplating fluid in conventional electroplating industry
Pre-filter of DI & RO water filtration system for industry
Filtration of medium & low viscosity fluids of chemical industry
Filtration of water for manufacturing processes and recycled water

Should be cleaned every 3 – 6 months depending on the quality of the water. Should be replaced every 12 – 18 months.
Yarn Home offers you the largest range of water filter cartridges in Africa. All our cartridges are made from the highest quality materials to assure the best possible filtration out there! Please let us know the specific size of microns or type of filter you require if there are different options on the cartridge. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a questions about which cartridge is the right one for you.

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Weight 5,6 kg
Dimensions 54 x 36 x 36 cm