Reverse Osmosis domestic water purification system without booster pump


5 Stage reverse osmosis water purification system without booster pump

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5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System With Out Booster Pump.

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) system is one of the most complete under the counter systems available. It has the ability to eliminate up to 99.8% of harmful contaminants in water such as bacteria, viruses, lead, radium, chlorine, and arsenic. It makes use of a multi-stage filtration technology.

With the RO system, you can rest assured that your drinking water is clean, clear and healthy.


Membrane: 100GPD
Operation Pressure: 50-100psi
Dimension: 40x30x58cm (system and tank together)
Weight: 12 kg
Tank: 12 litre (28x28x37cm)
Total dissolved solids: 1200ppm max

Maintenance is easy and low cost
Filtrated water tastes and smells great
Promotes a healthy lifestyle
Hidden away out of sight, only a chrome tap is visible
No electricity needed
Removes 99.8% of all contaminants in water
Flushing of the membrane is done automatically
The low mineral content water is great for detoxifying your body
The low mineral content water helps to prevent and dissolve kidney stones
Delivers up to 380 litres (100 Gallons) of filtered water per day
Keep in mind:

The system has a water wastage rate of 4:1 due to constant flushing of the membrane, so for every 4 litres of clean, filtered water produced, 1 litre will be used to flush the system. The RO system removes 99.8% of the minerals from water, including those that are good for you. However, a Mineral Injector can be added to the system to replace some of the minerals if this is of serious concern.

An important thing to remember before installing any filtration system is to check, which pipe under the counter is bring the water to the tap and what size the source piping is. The standard household piping size is normally ½ inch (12.7mm) or ¾ inch (19 mm) thick. Some older houses have copper piping instead of newer systems and in such cases special attachments will be required to install the RO to the copper piping. In order to ensure that you do not have to buy additional adaptors due the connections not matching the piping, please check what type and size your piping is before ordering a filtration system.

A hole will have to be drilled into the counter or table where the RO tap will be placed. We can do this for granite tops at an additional cost.

The filters all have a certain life span and must be replaced to ensure that the system works effectively, specifically the sediment filter, Granular Activated Carbon, Carbon block and T33 Carbon (Taste and odour filter) which must be changed every 6 months.

The RO system requires a water pressure of between 3 and 6 bars (50 to 100 psi) to operate. If your water pressure is lower than 3 bar (- 50 psi), we recommend that you consider the RO system with the booster pump. If your water pressure is above 6 bars (+ 100 psi), we recommend that you also install a Pressure Regulator. Otherwise the system will be damaged.

Below is an outline of each filter and what exactly it removes from the water.

1st Stage: Sediment filter 10″”

The sediment filter removes large particles from the water that are visible to the human eye. These particles can include mud, rust, dirt, floating particles and any other large particles that may be in you your pre filtered water.
2nd Stage: Granular activated carbon filter (GAC) 10″”

The second stage is the granular activated carbon water filter; this filter will remove any chlorine or organic molecules (Which can cause bad taste and smells) that may be present in the water.
3rd Stage: Carbon block with 5 micron filter 10”

This filter is a block of carbon that is the next line of defence for any chlorine or organic molecules which have got through the second stage. It also has a 5 micron filter which is there to catch any carbon that might have broken off the 2nd and 3rd stages.
4th Stage: RO membrane

The RO membrane is what removes all the particles that are not visible to the human eye such as , pesticides , bacteria, herbicides, viruses , parasites and trace metals. This membrane is continually flushes so as to prevent blockages and a build-up of bacteria on the membrane which will result in water wastage.
5th Stage: Taste and odour filter (T33)

The taste and odour filter as you may have guessed removes any remaining molecules that may cause a bad taste to the water or a bad smell. This will leave you will the beautifully finished off water that tastes and smells great.
6th Stage: Mineral injector (Optional)

This is an optional but often ordered extra; it is the finishing if you like. The mineral injector replaces some of the good minerals that have been lost in our filtering process to attain pure water. The injector is placed after the taste and odour filter to help inject back some of the goodness that has been lost. Think of it as an extra boost to your water intake. You might have noticed some of these designer water bottles out there with added minerals; well this could be your designer water coming out of your tap or all your taps daily.
What’s in the box?

Here are the items and components that are included in the price:

Mounting bracket
10” Sediment filter
10” Granular Activated Carbon
10” Activated Carbon Block with 5 micron filter
Reverse Osmosis membrane (100 Gallon per day)
1 Plastic housing spanner (special tool for replacing the filters)
¼ inch White tubing
3 x 10” filter housings
RO membrane housing
RO tank
Chrome tap
T33 taste and odour filter
Pipe Fittings (Joins, Elbows, T – joints, non-return valve, and valves)
Flow Restrictor
Maintenance Costs:
6 months replacement filter set cost = R65.00
12 month replacement filter set cost = R85.00
24 month replacement filter set cost = R350.00
Please see our full range of Replacement filter sets (Link to page)
Why have water delivered all the time, you save both money and the environment by installing one of these RO units in your house or office!
Don’t remember when to change the filters?????
We love to make your life easy as possible so once you have purchased a RO system from us , will be drop you a mail or sms to let you know when it is time to replace your cartridges and then it is as simple as a few click so your mouse and they will be with you in no time.

Additional Options:

Mineral Injector: Cost = R228.00
The Mineral Injector helps to replace some of the minerals lost during the Reverse Osmosis (RO) process. The Mineral Injector is filled with small beads of minerals, as the water passes through the mineral injector small amounts of minerals break away from the beads and are carried with the water. Our Mineral Injector inserts traces of potassium, calcium, magnesium, germanium and iron.

Potassium is vitally important for the functioning of all the cells in the body, especially in the maintenance of neurons (nerve and brain cell). It is also an essential micronutrient that – together with sodium, chlorine, magnesium and calcium – plays an important role in maintaining the body’s electrolyte balance
All the muscles, bones and cells in the body require calcium to function. Calcium is also needed to facilitate the growth and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth.
Magnesium improves the functioning of the muscles, heart and kidneys, by promoting the circulation of blood in the body. It also helps to strengthen bones and teeth.
Germanium is a plant-based mineral that has the property of being toxic to bacteria, but harmless to humans and animals. When ingested, it has also been found to stimulate metabolism of the body. It also has the ability to absorb heavy metals and impurities from water.
Iron is one of the main components of haemoglobin, the substance that enables your red blood cells to transport oxygen around your body. It is also part of myoglobin, which enables muscles to store oxygen that is used for cellular respiration.
The Mineral Injector has a life span of 12 months (1 year) and then it will need to be replaced, the replacement cost for the Mineral Injector is R 228.00

Ultra Violet (UV) Light Filter: Cost =R1368.00
The RO Membrane will remove bacteria and viruses from the water, however once the water has passed the RO membrane there is nothing to stop any bacteria that may be inside the tank, or could possibly find their way in to the piping after the RO membrane. So for additional peace of mind that all the bacteria and viruses have been removed, you can have an Ultra Violet (UV) Light filter added to the RO system.
The UV light would be just before the tap, and would just ensure that any bacteria or viruses that may have entered after the RO membrane are killed. The UV light’s Bulb has a life span of One Year and then it must be replaced.
The replacement (12 months) bulb for the 10 Watt UV bulb is R 450.00.Keep in mind that the UV Light addition will require an electrical source in order to operate.

Additional RO Membrane: Cost = R342
The Single RO Membrane has a flow rate of about 15 litres per hour, you can double to flow rate to about 30 litres per hour by adding an additional RO Membrane to the system

Larger RO Tank:
The RO system comes standard with a 12 litre RO Tank, which means that when you open the RO’s tap you will get 12 litres at one go and then the tank will have to refill itself. If you require more than 12 Litres at a single time when you open the tap, then there is an option of having a larger tank on the system. There are three larger size tanks available:
24 litre (Links)
40 litre (Links)
74 litre (Links)
RO booster pump: R. we recommend the use of reverse osmosis system with booster pump to eliminate any worry about water pressure deficiencies or fluctuations on installation.

Not included in the price:
Plumbing and installation costs
Delivery i.e. a courier service
Replacement filters
Our RO system for your kitchen is one of the best solutions you can implement in your home to ensure safe, pure, great tasting water. All our systems are reliable and will give you excellent service guaranteed.”

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 50 x 38 x 40 cm