Standard Granular activated carbon 20″


Granular activated carbon water filter cartridge 20″

Product Description

Granular Activated Carbon Water Filter Cartridge 20″

This carbon water filter cartridge consists of granular activated carbon, with up direction flow design for effectively removing chlorine, bad taste and odour. The cartridge allows the water enter from the bottom and exit at the top, largely maximize the contact time of granular activated carbon and water, making sure the chlorine completely absorbed. Granular Activated Carbon media, choice of Coconut shell based carbon, Nut shell based carbon or Coal based carbon.

Hihgly effective filtration of water for certain VOC’S chlorine, taste and odour

Granular activated carbon is a well-established technology for the reduction of a wide range of aesthetic contaminants, and is quite effective in the reduction of some health contaminants such as volatile organic compounds (benzene, trichloroethylene, and Because of its molecular makeup, activated carbon can absorb well, meaning that it can take in or collect many organic molecules on its surface.

Granular activated carbon filters are typically inexpensive, and maintenance involves replacing of cartridges (Note: 98% of the chlorine is taken out here)


No leaching carbon ash
High performance water purification system
Low pressure Drop
Choice of high grade of granular coal or coconut shell activated carbon
Inhibits bacteria Reduces chlorine, taste, odour and sediment, heavy metals and VOC’s
20″ cartridge.
Dimensions 7cm x 7cm x 51cm
Weight: 1Kg

Replacement cartridge for domestic RO machines
Any water filter treatment systems that requires odour , chlorine and bad taste reduction
All standard 20″ housing
Replacement filter pack for your RO system
Amines, glycols, sulfanols
Vending machines
Plating solutions
Oil removal
Aromatic compounds
High molecule weight alcohols
Color removal
Drinking water
Benzene / Toluene
PCB’s (polychlorinated biphenyls)
Organic contaminants
Clarity improvement
Cooling tower treatment
Food industry

Should be replaced every 6 months depending on water quality.
Yarn Home offers you the largest range of water filter cartridges in Africa. All our cartridges are made from the highest quality materials to assure the best possible filtration out there! Please let us know the specific size of microns or type of filter you require if there are different options on the cartridge. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a questions about which cartridge is the right one for you.

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 54 x 38 x 31 cm